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Giveaway Winners - Limited Edition Anmum Essential Kit

I'm pleased to announce the winners of the Limited-edition ANMUM Essential Kit! They are:

Law Tik 
Umm Ali
Nicki Kuok


Congratulations winners! To claim your prize, kindly email the following details to me at

1. Full name
2. Mobile number
3. Address (With someone on hand to receive the prizes during working hours)
4. Product (Step 3 for age 1-3 or Step 4 for above age 3)

I would also like to thank everyone who participated, I really appreciate your support! Before you go, let's revisit the key essential nutrients that are crucial for a child's brain development.
To support your child’s growth with the new and improved Anmum™ Essential that contains Nuelipid™ for higher level of GA® *. GA® and DHA, which are key brain nutrients!
To learn more about Anmum Essential, visit the Anmum Essential website.

Friday, June 9, 2017



Hi there my lovelies, thanks for dropping by my blog! I have some important info to share with you all today about how our children's brains develop and the nutrition that's needed to support that growth, Read on to find out more and for a chance to win a prize in my ANMUM Giveaway!


FUN FACT - The brain oversees everything that happens in the body, from subconscious functions like breathing to problem-solving. This ultimate supercomputer is active most of the time and throughout the course of the day, almost every part of  the brain is in use

The growing brain
As parents, we love watching our children grow taller and stronger. But have you ever wondered if their brains are developing equally well? Unlike physical growth, we can't fully observe brain development as easily. Naturally, we always want the best for our children, which is why it's important to understand how a child’s brain grows.

Most people don’t know that brain cells start developing by about the 28th day of pregnancy  and by the time a child is born,there are approximately 100 billion brain cells  hard at work! However, it’s not just the number of brain cells that matters, it’s the number of connections too.

MISC 703 AE Media Kits Journal-SaddleFA-4

MISC 703 AE Media Kits Journal-SaddleFA-4

Brain connections
During early childhood, these connections grow exponentially. Did you know that each brain cell can form 2,500 connections with other brain cells when they are born? But by age 2 or 3, these connections would have multiplied by 6 times! 

“Connections, also known as synapses, are how brain cells communicate with each other. Early experience and the external environment stimulate the formation of brain cells connections. The more stimulating the external environment, the more connections will form,” explained Wendy Goh, Scientific and Nutrition Manager at Fonterra Brands Malaysia.“These connections between brain cells are important as they support learning, memory and other cognitive abilities. Stimulating activities and the right nutrition such as DHA and Gangliosides support brain development."

MISC 703 AE Media Kits Journal-SaddleFA-4

What you should know about DHA and Gangliosides
DHA and Gangliosides (GA®) are found in the brain and play an important role in brain development. DHA helps tobuild brain cells  and Gangliosides help to support the formation of brain cell connections. Rapid brain growth during the first three years of life is important and could affect a child’s cognitive, social and emotional growth and development. 

MISC 703 AE Media Kits Journal-SaddleFA-4


Increase GA with Anmum Essential
Though GA has a very important role to play in brain development, research showed that 1 out of 4 toddlers in Malaysia consumed 40% lower than the average daily GA® intake! Besides animal based food such as meat and eggs, GA intake can be increased by consuming milk and milk products.

Anmum™ Essential is formulated with DHA and Nuelipid for higher levels of GA®, and contains no added sugar*.  In addition, Anmum™ Essential also contains gut-friendly prebiotics FOS and Inulin, together with other important vitamins and minerals to support children’s overall growth. This is whyAnmum™ Essential is pleased to introduce Grow Amazing, a new educational initiative to help parents understand how their child’s brain grows and what supports its healthy development.


ANMUM Essential Giveaway!
Have you always wanted to give Anmum Essential a try? Here's your chance! To thank my readers for supporting my blog and to share my love for Anmum, I'm giving away -Limited Edition Anmum Essential Kits to FIVE readers.


How to participate
All you need to do is complete this slogan and leave it in the comments section below:

“I want my child to Grow Amazing because __________________” (in not more than 20 words).



Terms & conditions.
1. The prize is a Limited Edition Anmum™ Essential kit. FIVE winners will be selected to win ONE kit each.
2.  The contest will close on 22 June 2017 at 12 noon.
3. The winners will be announced in a separate blog post.
4. Winners must email me at with the following details:
a) Full name
b) Mobile number
c) Mailing address (to receive the package from Pos Laju/courier company during working hours)
d) Product selection (Step 3 for age 1-3, Step 4 for ages 3+)

5. The prizes will be sent within 15 working days from the date of the winners’ announcement.
6. Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

So what are you waiting for? Share your best slogan with me below! If you'd like to stay informed about how to support a child’s brain development with Grow Amazing and learn Amazing Facts about a child’s brain, visit the ANMUM website.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How Autism Has Changed My Life


It's been 8 months since Arif's autism diagnosis and I can concur that raising a child with autism certainly comes with its own set of unique challenges. There are financial, emotional, psychological and even physical demands, but it can also be a rewarding and positive experience. 

Here are some of the ways that autism has changed my life... for the better.

1. More focused on my children
Autism has shifted my focus. These days, much of my time, energy and resources are dedicated to helping Arif cope with and slowly conquer his inability to speak and communicate, learning delays, sensory processing issues and behavioural challenges. But because I am dedicating so much attention to Arif, I also have to make sure that my eldest son, Amir, does not feel left out. Amir is an intelligent child, but he has a problem with keeping his focus. He needs constant help to keep motivated and to try his best at school. So I would say my life priority now, more than ever, is my children.

2.  Learning to say "no" and working less
As a freelancer, I don't have a steady income, and in the past there have been times when I felt I had to take on every project that came my way, so that I can save up for the future. After my son's diagnosis, and realising the costs that it would entail, I unconsciously went into a kind of "overdrive." I took on lots of projects back to back and sacrificed rest to get more done. I suppose I was worried that we wouldn't have enough money to pay for Arif's therapies or for future contingencies.

As a result, I exceeded and doubled my target savings for the year. But that came at a price. At the end of the year, I felt almost completely burned out. I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained. I realised then that this was no way to live. So, at the start of this year, I made a conscious decision to become more selective of what I choose to spend my time and energy on. As someone who is a bit of a workaholic and can't really sit still, I'm still learning to say "NO," not just to potential job offers, but to myself. I found this quote and it's what I live by these days.

"I don't say NO because I am so busy. I say NO because I don't want to be so busy."

3. Embracing minimalism
Autism is a life-long condition and therapies, such as occupational and speech therapies, as well as Early Intervention Programmes (EIP) are costly. Arif also needs special toys and equipment that we use for his home therapies and sensory integration activities. Since I have reduced the amount of work I can take on, I'm also earning less and much of what I earn monthly goes to our savings/ emergency fund and paying for therapies.

So you see, autism taught me the value of money. I am a collector... I love collecting, especially vintage pyrex and collectible tins. But since autism became a part of my life, suddenly these things don't hold the same appeal to me anymore. I find myself not wanting more collectibles and I've been reading up on embracing minimalism as a way of life. I started selling my collections online, on Facebook and via my Carousell store Rifimemeshop, to help raise funds for Arif's therapies. Online garage sales take time and energy, and it's often a slow process. Sometimes, it's hard to let go of things. But I always try to think of the bigger picture and why I'm doing it in the first place.

Will I be getting rid of all my collections? No, probably not. I'd still like to hold on to a few things that "spark joy" in me. A person like me needs a hobby :) 

Have you had a life-altering experience that has changed your life and the way you look at things? Let me know in the comments below. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Our 1st Personalised Raya Packets from Acewin

Ramadan begins tomorrow! I'm so excited! And while I can't say that I've made much preparation for the upcoming Eid al-Fitr, I can cross one thing off my list - I've gotten my Raya money packets! But these aren't the usual free packets that I normally get from buying stuff. This is out first personalised packets! Check them out!

These Raya packets are from Acewin and they have a very unique retro shape. I really love the floral pattern contrasting against the dark green background - so pretty and classy.

The packets have a nice beaded texture to them, which adds to their exclusivity.


Here's our personalised message - Ikhlas dari Rezad & Adline in gold letterpress. You can get free name printing if you order five sets ;) ORDER HERE 


And on the back of the packet, there's a Hari Raya message too. Sweet! I love these packets and I cannot wait to give them away to friends and family. If you're interested in getting personalised Raya packets, visit Acewin - Designer Prints & Gifts today. They have lots of cool designs to choose from!

Happy fasting to all my Muslim readers and take care guys!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Motherhood is certainly an extraordinary journey! But it all begins with extraordinary changes. For example, did you know that a pregnant woman’s heart pumps 20 more beats per minute compared to a non-pregnant woman to supply enough oxygen and distribute nutrients for herself and the child within? These physical changes which help a mother to nurture life have an impact on her daily activities, turning mundane activities into extraordinary feats! 

Experience an extraordinary ride with Anmum Materna
Recognising what pregnant mums go through every day, Anmum™ Materna joins forces with Riding Pink to support these amazing mums this Mother’s Day by giving them a hand while performing their everyday tasks via an extraordinary experience.

03_Anmum Materna Extraordinary Campaign in conjunction with Mother's Da
Anmum Materna Extraordinary Campaign in conjunction with Mother's Day

So from 8-31 May 2017, the first 25 pregnant mums who sign up with Riding Pink receive a FREE extraordinary ride from Anmum™ Materna – whether it’s for a pre-natal check-up appointment, to work, grocery shopping, or a girls’ day out. To make it a special ride, mums will get a special Mother’s Day musical selection to enjoy, plus the expert advice of a – pre-natal yoga teacher to teach breathing techniques to relax herself to ease her pregnancy for select mums. 

04_Anmum Materna Extrordinary Ride with Fitness Expert
Anmum Materna Extrordinary Ride with Fitness Expert

At the end of the ride, they will also receive an exclusive Anmum™ Materna gift pack to enjoy which features a nutritional pack and some amazing goodies for a mum-to-be in preparation for labour. The next 100 mums who sign up will enjoy RM5 off their ride while enjoying their, a Mummy Survival Kit packed with useful mum-friendly products and the Mother’s Day music selection.

01_Mum receiving Anmum Materna Kit Vital Mama on the ride
Mum receiving Anmum Materna Kit Vital Mama on the ride

To be among the first to redeem free and discounted rides with Anmum™ Materna and Riding Pink, in addition to exclusive gift pack, simply by write  to: Alternatively visit them on or to learn more about these extraordinary experiences and connect with other mums.

Assurance mums can appreciate
Riding Pink, Malaysia’s first ever women's-only transportation platform, was founded as a way for women and mums to support each other while earning additional income through a safe, female-friendly transportation service. Similarly, Anmum™ Materna wants to offer mums assurance throughout their motherhood journey, by providing the right nutrition to support their pregnancy. With this shared vision, Anmum™ Materna and Riding Pink have developed this initiative to create an extraordinary experience for pregnant mums to enjoy. 

02_Fitness Expert and Riding Pink driver sending off the rider
Fitness Expert and Riding Pink driver sending off the rider

Importance of nutrition during pregnancy
Triggered by the knowledge that many pregnant mums may not receive adequate nutrition for herself and her child based on a paper published by Jurnal Sains Kesihatan Malaysia in 2014ⁱ, Anmum™ Materna’s “Extraordinary Mums” campaign shines a spotlight on possible nutrient deficiencies.  For example, only 3%ⁱ of pregnant Malaysian mums get enough folate  from their dietary intake and only 23%ⁱ of pregnant mums consume the daily recommended requirement of calcium from their dietary intake.

Pregnant mums need 600µgⁱⁱ of folate during pregnancy to reduce the risk of neural tube defects while 1000mgⁱⁱ of calciumⁱⁱ is essential to fulfil her own needs while supporting bone development for her child. While most mums know they need to consume a healthy, balanced diet for two, it’s difficult for busy mums to obtain sufficient nutrients from regular meals alone. For instance, the daily requirement for 600µg of folate would be equivalent to 75 cups of brown rice, and 1000mg of calcium is found in 10 pieces of soybean cakewhile 11mg of zinc would be found in 52 slices of white bread or 55 large bananas.

To help mums get the nutrition they need for themselves as well as their child, two glasses of Anmum™ Materna provides pregnant mums with 100%ⁱⁱ the daily recommended requirement of folate, calcium and zinc, in a convenient low-fat milk powder formula.

05_Contents of Kit Vital Mama for Passengers on Anmum Materna Extraordinary Journey
Contents of Kit Vital Mama for Passengers on Anmum Materna Extraordinary Journey

Monday, April 17, 2017

April is Autism Awareness Month :)

Hello my lovelies :) I've been meaning to post something for Autism Awareness Month, but I haven't had the chance to do so. But I told myself, I have to get it done before Arif's birthday, which is on April 30th. Can you believe it, he will be turning three soon!

Since Arif's autism diagnosis in October last year, Arif has been attending occupational therapy and he is showing many positive signs of progress. He also started speech therapy early last month and we are so happy for him.

I recently came across this great article about autism awareness in Malaysia, and if you're interested to know more about autism, it's a must read. Click here to read it. It talks about stigma and misconceptions, as well as lack of expertise and opportunities, which are just some of the challenges faced by people with autism.

PS: To raise funds for Arif's autism therapies, I am having an online garage sale via Carousell, To check it out, visit:

Friday, March 17, 2017

Bre-Adventures: My Tesco breadmaker

I have three resolutions for 2017. 1. To get healthier as a family, 2. To embrace minimalism and 3. To be more self sufficient. And part of being self sufficient (at least in my view) is to learn how to make and do things for myself. To me, there's pleasure in slowing down and learning to make things by hand, even the basic things that we've taken for granted in our busy lives... Like making bread!


I've gawked at The Baker Brothers' bread-making videos for ages and they make it look so easy, but where does a novice like me even begin? I thought I'd start by getting myself a bread maker. So a few months ago, I bought the Tesco BM1333 2L, which I got at a discount from Lazada, at around RM170. Here's what it looks like...

Image result for Tesco BM1333

How do I like my bread maker and what kinds of breads have I made? Find out after the jump...

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Case of the Rotten Frozen Drummets from Tesco Delivery

Hi everyone! I've been meaning to blog about this for a while, but I've been rushing to complete a few tasks that I had on hand. Today I want to share with you my experience receiving a bag of rotten frozen drummets (yuck!) from Tesco Home Delivery AND how I got a replacement for them.

The bag of rotten drummets :(
I've blogged about using Tesco's Home Delivery service before, which is absolutely heaven-sent for me because trips to the supermarket are tough with Arif's autism and sensory sensitivities. But once in a while, a slip-up will happen, but thankfully they have a pretty good customer service team on hand to help customers. 

I had ordered a bag of Ayamas frozen Drummets along with my other groceries and was going to make some for dinner, but when I opened the bag, I was greeted with an unpleasant smell. No doubt the drummets had gone off. They were clumped together like they had thawed and refroze. There were black spots on the drummets too. I fried one in my air fryer and it turned out horrible. Just the smell alone made me gag.

So the next day, I PM'd Tesco Malaysia's FB page. They replied and said it is against their policy to offer reimbursement for frozen foods, but that I should call their customer service centre and explain. So that's what I did. I called them up and told them my situation. The lady on the line called up the Tesco branch in Puchong, which is responsible for delivering my groceries. They said they would give me a replacement.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sensory bottles for Arif

As an autistic child, my two year old son Arif has trouble keeping focused and has sensory processing issues. To help him explore his senses and encourage focus, I made some sensory bottles (also known as calm down bottles) for him out of materials I have at home. I also got him a mermaid pillow case. He likes them a lot - Check out his reactions to them!

This is the first sensory bottle I made. It contains blue glitter and water. The glitter swirls around and provides a mesmerising visual treat.

This one was an experiment. I mixed water, cooking oil and a few lego pieces. The oil and water don't mix obviously, and the legos are suspended between them.

I made this one with clear water beads or orbeez. They capture the light and sparkle. 

In this one, I used only dry materials, like pom poms, rice, beans and sequins. It provides something to look at and sound.

Arif playing with his mermaid pillow
Now this, is a "mermaid pillow," so called because it looks like scales. I got it online. It offers textural and visual exploration as it changes colour at Arif's touch :)

It's been a couple of months since I made these, and Arif still plays with them from time to time. If you're looking to try your hand at making sensory bottles. Here are a few tutorials. But before you begin, here's a safety tip - always superglue or tape the bottle caps securely to avoid choking hazards. 

Here's how to make your basic glitter sensory bottle.

Now here's something I;d like to try! Looks so cool :)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Understanding autism

Since Arif was diagnosed with autism back in October 2016, I stopped blogging for two main reasons. One, I kept myself insanely busy - learning all I could about autism and taking Arif to therapy, as well as taking on all the extra work I could find and selling my stuff online to save up money for his autism therapies. Two, I just didn't know what to write about from a personal angle anymore. All I could think about was autism and yet it was something quite difficult for me to talk about, since I am very new to it myself.

I worked so hard in the last few months of last year, that I was close to burn out. I have since pledged to take things more slowly and reduce my work commitments, so that I can find a better balance and be more present for both of my children.

Now at the start of 2017, I am feeling much more positive about Arif's autism and how we are coping. If I had to explain it, I guess I would say I think Arif is perfect just the way he is. I have also become quite passionate about spreading awareness on autism, and so for my first post in 2017, I'd like to share a few videos with you about autism :) These videos and others like them have helped me to understand Arif more. I hope you'll find them helpful too.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Adventures with Autism: Realisation and reaction

My second son Arif, who is now 2 and a half years old, was born premature at 33 weeks. He was also small for his gestational age, weighing 1.36 kg at birth. He also suffered a 2nd Grade Intraventricular Hemorrhage (IVH) that left scars inside his brain. When I first saw him a few days after he was born, his head was so soft, it looked like a partially-deflated beach ball.

Arif and his bunch of favourite softies.

When he was about 3 months old, we took him to the hospital for a scheduled ultrasound of his cranium. They saw what they thought was a subdural effusion and he was immediately admitted. They told me there was fluid on the exterior of his brain and it was either spinal fluid, blood or puss. A few agonising days passed and he had an MRI done on the third day of Aidilfitri. That evening we were told that there was nothing wrong with him after all.

He then started going for monthly occupational and physio therapies at the hospital. Arif hated them and always cried the hour away. So basically we couldn't get him to do anything. Frustrated, we pulled him out of therapy and started doing it ourselves at home.

The first year of Arif's life was pretty much blissful. But due to his medical history, I knew he was at a high risk for autism. I watched him grow from strength to strength and reach many of his milestones. He never ceased to amaze me because since he was in the womb, he has been a fighter. But as the months passed, we noticed that he still hadn't spoken a word. We hoped that it was just due to his prematurity and that he would eventually catch up.

After he turned two, I started noticing certain 'odd' things. I did some online research and realised these were signs of autism.

He doesn't respond to his name or make much eye contact.
He doesn't point or wave.
He doesn't play with toys appropriately (role playing).
He doesn't like to have his teeth brushed.
He dislikes most foods and prefers to drink milk.
He throws epic tantrums for no reason and when I try to calm him down he's even more frantic.
He starts having meltdowns in public areas.
The list goes on.

When I came to realise that my son was autistic, because the signs were undeniable, I basically cried for two full days. It wasn't because I couldn't accept God's will, but it pains me to see him struggle. The more I learnt about autism, I realised that I had to let go of any dreams that I had for Arif and set new ones.

Around the same time, I was hit with the news that a dear friend has passed away suddenly. So for a while, I alternated between being on the verge of tears to feeling completely numb. Nevertheless, I was in problem-solving mode. What do I do? Where do I go? How much does it cost? A million questions came to my mind. 

I immediately joined the Autism Malaysia group on Facebook to ask the parents there about my best options for diagnosis and therapies. I googled and called up the various autism therapy centres near my home to find out more about their specialists, waiting lists and fees.  

I then learnt that therapies for autism at private centres was expensive, around RM150 per one hour session. And usually, there's two sessions per week. Public hospitals could only offer once-a-month therapy sessions, which is hardly enough. Where was I going to get the money to get him the therapies he needs?

I'm a freelancer and I'll need to do less work to be able to take Arif to therapy and to work with him at home. Money was becoming a major concern for me. So I decided that I would sell most of my prized vintage pyrex collection that I had amassed over the past few years. Fortunately, I was able to sell quite a bit. The money I earned could help pay for the first few weeks of therapy.

Just some of the many boxes of stuff that I sold online, waiting to be picked up by the courier service.

However, to keep myself sane, I needed a hobby. As an ex-curator, I love objects with great design. Therefore, I rekindled an old (and much cheaper) hobby - collecting decorative tins. ever resourceful, I was even able to sell some of the tins I found for a profit, which helped add to Arif's therapy fund. 

I discovered through support groups that if I went to a public hospital, I would probably have to wait weeks or months to get Arif his diagnosis. Therefore, I decided to take him to a child development specialist at WQ Park, Kelana Jaya. We met with Dr Raja Juanita, she saw Arif and diagnosed him with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She also passed us a form for us to register Arif as an OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya/ Disabled Person) or the more PC terms Orang Kelainan Upaya (Persons with Different Abilities).

Yesterday, my son was just a 'normal' kid. Today. he's a 'disabled' one. At least on paper. But in my eyes, he has always been perfect.

This piece of paper gave me a sense of relief. We now have a diagnosis.

When I broke the news about Arif's autism diagnosis on Facebook, many friends and family members told me that since I could write, I should share my experiences with others, because maybe it would help someone out there. While the thought had crossed my mind, even before anyone suggested it, during the first few weeks of receiving the diagnosis, I was in no position to discuss how I was feeling or what I was going through.

I was exhausted. I was relieved that I had a diagnosis, but I was emotionally and psychologically tired from all the frantic fact-finding. I needed some time just to let it all sink in and let it go.

Now, I'm pretty much done with crying and sadness. I don't have time nor energy for that. Instead, I'm keeping myself busy and I'm determined to take this all in my stride. I am thinking and feeling positive. All systems go! I am a proud autism mama and my son Arif is my hero!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Autism: Our Greatest Adventure

Yesterday, a day after my husband's 40th birthday, my two year old son Arif was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am still reeling from a whirlwind of emotions, but as soon as I can, I'd like to share our journey with autism here on this blog. I consider it our biggest adventure. #stayingpositive #arifmyhero

Arif being his adorable self.

Arif's diagnosis.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Review & recipe: Roast chicken with potatoes and veges using a Philips Pressure Cooker

Just look at this roast chicken... looks good doesn't it? I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I'm quite proud of this chicken LOL. I've finally mastered how to roast/bake a chicken in a pressure cooker! Yaay! Read on to find out how I did it and the recipe :)

Roast chicken with potatoes and vegetables - yummy! Find out how to make it after the jump!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trio Air Fryer Review

One of my least favourite tasks when cooking is deep frying, mainly because it takes such a long time and it leaves my kitchen oily. Plus, using so much oil isn't healthy, which is why I've been wishing for an air fryer for quite some time.

However, I was put off from owning one because the models I find in stores are expensive, some retailing near RM1000! So I was happy to discover that there are less expensive models online. I recently went on Lazada and got myself a Trio air fryer, which cost me about RM250.

After using it for a few weeks, here's my review :)

The Trio air fryer is quite large but has a sleek design nonetheless.