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Kids and cornflake cookies

Last week, at KAMI Playgroup, we did something special - the kids made honey cornflake cookies! It was the first time that we tried a cooking activity and it was a lot of fun. The kids really liked it, so I'm planning more "cooking" lessons in the future. Our playgroup began, as usual, with circle time, where we recited Alfatihah and did some brain button exercises. Arif usually doesn't want to participate in circle time, but this week, he sat with me for a little while.

After a few action songs, we pulled out the equipment and created an obstacle course for the kids using preschool equipment. The kids navigated the course while holding balancing sticks.

Then, it was time to make our honey cornflake cookies. First, the children mixed cornflakes with melted butter, brown sugar and honey. Then, they spooned the mixture into paper cups. Lastly, they decorated their cookies with sprinkles. Finally, we sent the cookies off to the cafe to bake them and make them crispy!


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