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Hi everyone! If you've visited us before, welcome back to my blog and KAMI Playgroup. And if you're new here, I'm so glad you could join us! Alhamdulillah, last weekend we held the first KAMI Playgroup meet for 2018. We welcomed 7 parents, 8 kids and 3 volunteers, two of whom are from a new student volunteer group called Diffable.

We usually start our playgroup session by sitting in a circle on the floor. After I introduced Adilah and Hanan from Diffable, we exchanged Salam, recited doa Alfatihah, as well as simple zikir for children. Usually, we say "Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah." The purpose of beginning our session in this way, is to seek blessings from Allah SWT and hopefully calm  the children. It also signals to the children that the playgroup session has begun.

After the opening, we all get up on our feet for Music & Movement. The purpose of this activity is to warm up and activate the children's bodies. It also encourages the children to learn h…

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