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Playdates @ We Rock the Spectrum, Ara Damansara

One of Arif's favourite places to go (and his favourite play gym), is We Rock the Spectrum (WRTS) at Ara Damansara. We love going there because they have lots of specialised equipment, which is perfect for children with special needs like Arif. They also have an awesome area for table tasks like drawing and fine motor play. 

And while we enjoy visiting the gym on our own, I often set up playdates with friends so that Arif can learn to play with others and take turns. Though he has a long way to go in terms of communication and socialising, I have seen many improvements in him. 

Each time we visit, Arif tries and discovers something new, growing braver and stronger. For example, he used to be terrified of swings, due to his vestibular issues. But thanks to the activities we've done at home, at playgroup and WRTS, he's no longer afraid of swinging. In fact, he loves it so much now! It's nice to see him grow more confident, not just in terms of gravitational security, bu…

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